Honey Mustard on that Chicken!

Honey Mustard on that Chicken!

Let me start off by saying that Ryan is, truly, the master of chicken on the grill. He has the magic grilling hands… or something, because it’s always so juicy and tender. Grilling just isn’t my thing. I know this because the night before last I tried to grill hamburgers. Who can mess that up, right? Yep, they were bad. And it made me sad, so sad. So, Ryan took the reins and voila…the magic happened.
These puppies have like 8 ingredients, if you count the seasonings and oil…which I do. It amazes me how simplicity can be so stunning. All three of my kids scarfed them down! That’s when you KNOW the meal is GOOD. I, myself couldn’t stop making the nearly inappropriate foodgasam sounds.




Ryan insists on using lump wood charcoal, which can be a little bit hard to find sometimes. He stacks it up in a crecent moon shape in the grill, rather than covering the entire bottom. This leaves about half the grill without any charcoal. He starts off placing the chicken on the charcoal side, just long enough to sear both sides. Then he moves them to the other side to finish them off. ┬áThis grilled chicken is what makes the dish… there’s just something about how the smoky flavor meshes with the other ingredients.




Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Flatbread Wraps

4 chicken breasts
olive oil
roasted garlic and herb seasoning
4 TBS honey mustard dressing
multi grain flatbread wraps
baby romaine
crumbled feta

Lightly tenderize the chicken breasts. Wash and place in a bowl. Toss in a dash of olive oil and garlic and herb seasoning until coated. Then add the honey mustard and toss again.
Grill over glowing coals at around 300-350 degrees, until juices run out clear from the thickest portion when pierced with a fork.
Slice chicken and set aside.
Prepare wraps by spreading a small amount of mayo on the flatbread. Add romaine, crumbled feta, chicken, and honey mustard dressing. Roll up and slice in half. Beautiful and delicious!

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